4-delni set otroškega jedilnega pribora WMF Tiere


Po dogovoru je prevzem možen tudi v Jura Store Ljubljana (Na jami 18.)

With WMF children's cutlery, little ones learn to use knives, spoons and forks playfully. More than 130 years of experience have created child-friendly stainless steel cutlery that also impresses with lovingly designed motifs and colorful pictures. Each 4-piece set consists of a children's knife, a large and small children's spoon and a children's fork.The cutlery sizes and strong handles are especially suitable for small hands and children's motor skills.The knives of all WMF children's cutlery in the age group 3+ have a child-friendly serrated edge. The edge of the spoon has rounded edges and the short blunt prongs of the children's fork adapt to the mouths of small children.The decor with various Disney motifs is carefully and extremely precisely processed.The children's cutlery for the age group 3+ is made of Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel and is therefore extremely durable and suitable for washing in the dishwasher For children from three years of age who really enjoy independent feeding. Please note that children can injure themselves on knife blades and fork prongs if used incorrectly.

Children's cutlery ""Animals"" is a timeless children's cutlery model. The motifs are cute and pleasant, and are imprinted on the cutlery.

In the package: 1x fork, 1x spoon, 1x knife, 1x small spoon
Material: Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel
Color: Stainless steel
Length (cm): 13-18.5
Maintenance: Clean in the dishwasher

SKU: 12.8005.6040