Carving nož 20cm WMF Neutral


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The Larding and Utility Knife is a must-have for any kitchen, a versatile yet specialist knife with a 10 cm pointed blade that cuts deep into all kinds of meat—without tearing the tender fibers. This high-quality WMF Classic Line Kitchen Knife delivers a timeless design with impressive sharpness and durability, with a hardened blade ensuring performance that's more robust than traditional stainless steel. The 10 cm blade is expertly engineered in special non-corrosive and acid-resistant blade steel, for a larding knife you can count on day after day. WMF Classic Line kitchen knives make an ideal addition to any kitchen. Discover perfect everyday kitchenware, ideal whether you're just starting out or filling in the missing pieces of your culinary collection. Traditional riveted handles come together with impressive durability, balanced designs, and enhanced ergonomics, to offer excellent kitchen knives at WMF standards of quality.

Blade lenght (cm): 12

SKU: 18.8948.6032