Kuhinjski nož 20cm WMF Grand Gourmet


Po dogovoru je prevzem možen tudi v Jura Store Ljubljana (Na jami 18.)

Chef’s knives are the heroes of every kitchen, with wide and powerful blades that cut through anything—from meat and fish to hard fruits, vegetables, and so much more. WMF has now taken this kitchen essential to new heights. The Grand Gourmet Kitchen Knife delivers impressive sharpness and durability, with Performance Cut Technology ensuring long-lasting performance. The 20 cm blade is expertly hand-forged in special non-corrosive and acid-resistant blade steel, for a chef knife that performs like none other—day after day, cut after perfect cut. The Grand Gourmet collection boasts a multi-award-winning design by renowned Japanese designer Makio Hasuik, for premium-quality products that stand out in any kitchen. With an elegant stainless steel look and exceptional cutting performance—together with balanced designs in perfect harmony, enhanced ergonomics, seamless handles, and safe finger protection—discover high-performance kitchen knives at WMF standards of quality.

Blade lenght (cm): 20

SKU: 18.8039.6032