Mleko v prahu 500g Ristora

By Ristora

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Ristora skimmed milk powder sold in convenient and practical 500g bags. Perfect for automatic dispensers, manual bar machines, vending and any use with automatic machines and manual preparations even at home. Ristora long-life skimmed powdered milk to be mixed with hot water ready instantly.

Ristora's skimmed milk powder is used in many areas, but the favorites remain automatic vending machines, super-automatic and semi-automatic machines, and also for manual uses. Taste the milk Refresh and enjoy a hot drink with soluble milk 100% milk, with quality controlled and certified by one of the leading companies in the production of professional solubles.

Convenient and practical 500 g bags of Ristora skimmed milk powder, perfect for any use, from vending, to bars, to the home and office.

Skimmed milk powder
Gluten Free

100 g of product in 900 ml of cold or hot (not boiling) water to obtain one liter of skimmed milk (max. fat in the reconstructed product: 0.15%). By increasing the doses of product you obtain a richer and tastier drink.

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