Grelnik vode 0,8L WMF Lono


Po dogovoru je prevzem možen tudi v Jura Store Ljubljana (Na jami 18.)

Bringing together an exquisite aesthetic with a compact design, the KITCHENminis Kettle offers the pinnacle of durability and performance. Equipped with 1800W of power, a 0.8 L capacity and a concealed stainless steel heating element, this small kettle can be used to heat even the smallest amounts of water. Performance goes hand-in-hand with convenient features: one-handed opening at the touch of a button, easy-to-read internal water level display, enhanced safety features including automatic boiling cut-off, and a cordless format that couldn't be easier to use. WMF's exclusive patented Cromargan® ensures robust, long-lasting performance, with a chrome matte finish that never fails to impress. Discover the entire WMF KITCHENminis breakfast series, for the perfect blend of exceptional results and sleek design.

Power: 1800 W
capacity: 0.8 L
Water level indicator: Yes
Indicator light: Yes
Automatic stop: Yes

SKU: 04.1314.0011