JURA Podatkovni komunikator


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Here’s how it works

Your Professional coffee machine is connected wirelessly to the Data Communicator via the Smart Connect, without the connection to other accessories being impaired. One Data Communicator is required for each automatic coffee machine. Once a day, the Data Communicator reads all product counter statuses as well as the machine maintenance status and sends this data via WiFi to a server. The user specifies at exactly what time this happens. The website accesses the data sent by the router and clearly displays all the coffee machine data.

One website – all information

For each Professional coffee machine you simply define when the data is read out and to which target address it is sent. Then you can access all the information on the connected coffee machines from one central website. After the initial installation, you can conveniently manage, group and monitor all the Data Communicators in use online. You can also create different user profiles and authorisation levels for quick and easy coordination. The additional option of sending data automatically to e-mail or server addresses makes handling even easier.

For the configuration with an automatic coffee machine you will need:
A Windows PC or laptop
An Internet connection over a secure WLAN (single-factor authentication with network name and password)
At least one free USB port
Local administrator rights for installing programs
Google Authenticator app (free download from the Google Play Store or the App Store)
An automatic coffee machine that is switched on with JURA Smart Connect connected

In figures
Cable length: 1 m
Voltage DC: 5 V⎓
Current: 0 A
Width: 7.3 cm
Height: 2.5 cm
Depth : 11.2 cm

SKU: 24110