Kava v kapsulah Alfredo Super Bar Espresso 5,8g - 50kos

By Alfredo

Po dogovoru je prevzem možen tudi v Jura Store Ljubljana (Na jami 18.)

Super Bar comes from Bologna, the city where Alfredo Espresso first learned the fine art of roasting. This espresso is thus an homage to our Italian teachers, and to the dark roasting techniques practiced here for generations that make Super Bar Special so lively, powerful and aromatic.

Its intense flavour profile comes from its roast and an almost equal mix of Robusta and Arabica beans. With each sip, it delivers spicy aromas of dark semisweet chocolate and fresh breadcrust, quickly followed by a delicate sweetness. The overall impression is one of surprisingly harmonious balance with an extraordinarily full mouthfeel that the elastic, finely-pored crema hints at even before the first taste.

Super Bar is one of our most popular varieties, and represents the best in espresso enjoyment – and no wonder! Its home of Bologna is renowned for culinary finesse.

Roast (1-5): 4
Aroma (1-5): 3
Body (1-5): 4

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