Kava Lungo Decafffeinato Cremesso v kapsulah


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Fully flavoured, caffeine-free. Carefully selected Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America form the basis of a pure aroma dominated by fine floral notes. High-quality Robusta coffee beans from India round off the full flavour of this espresso perfectly, giving it its unique character. Find out more about the producers of this coffee in the Sustainability section.

The gentle roasting process allows the development of delicate roasty undertones, which are integrated perfectly thanks to the fine grind of the coffee.
The mild roasty undertones of this exquisite decaffeinato are in perfect harmony with its fresh acidic tang. The subtle exotic aromas combined with a hint of malt allow a pleasantly full flavour to delight the palate.

Strenght (1-5): 3

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