Namizni žar WMF Lono


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The WMF Lono Quadro tabletop grill is a great choice for small families, it has cast aluminum plate with a robust non-stick coating pops in and out at the touch of a button and offers adjustable temperature settings - for delicious results with a wide range of tasty ingredients. This portable grill is perfect for preparing meals for small groups of friends or family. WMF's continued promise of high performance makes it strong enough for all your grilling needs.

Maintenance: Hand cleaning, plates and accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher
Series: Lono
In the package: 1x table grill, 1x removable tray for collecting liquid
Material: Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel, plastic
Color: Stainless steel, black
Plate material: Aluminum, anti-stick coating
Panel dimensions (cm): 27 x 27
Length (cm): 32
Width (cm): 28
Height (cm): 7
Net weight (g): 4600
Power (Watt): 1250
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50-60

SKU: 04.1519.0011