Nož 15cm WMF


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The chef's knife is the best of knives: its wide, strong blade glides smoothly through fish and meat, and cuts even the toughest vegetables. The chef's knife also handles chopping herbs and chopping nuts with ease. With so much versatility, it's no surprise that a chef's knife should be part of every kitchen's essential equipment. WMF offers you different models: with different blade lengths (13, 15 and 20 centimeters) and different characteristics of individual knife collections. Your favorite knife will surely be there too.

Series: Spitzenklasse Plus
In the package: 1x chef's knife
Material: Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel
Color: Stainless steel, black
Knife length (cm): 30
Blade length (cm): 15

SKU: 18.9547.6032