Skodelica za cappuccino 0,18L Bauscher


Po dogovoru je prevzem možen tudi v Jura Store Ljubljana (Na jami 18.)

With its slender body and loop-shaped, curved handle, COFFEELINGS not only impresses with its appearance, but also makes coffee or tea taste especially delicious. Durable and tasteless, this porcelain tableware is a true classic. The variety of articles - whether espresso cup, coffee or tea cup, mug with or without handle, coffee or tea pot, pourer or sugar bowl - give the answer as an all-rounder for the most diverse café concepts.

Contents: 0.18 l / 6.09 fl. oz.
Diameter: 73 mm / 2.87 inch
Height (1 Piece): 81 mm / 3.19 inch
Weight: 217 g

SKU: 41 5268