BWT steklenica Refill 550 mL roza


Po dogovoru je prevzem možen tudi v Jura Store Ljubljana (Na jami 18.)

This stylish glass bottle will enhance any table, whether at home, in meeting rooms or in the office. The large opening makes it easy and convenient to fill and pour. The shape of the bottle is pleasant and comfortable to touch. In addition, the glass bottle is mouth-blown. The included AQA tags in white (sparkling) and pink (still) can be easily clipped to the cap and indicate whether there is sparkling or still water in the glass bottle. From now on, guesswork and shaking are a thing of the past.

Capacity: 375 ml
Diameter: 69 mm
Material: Mouth blown glass
Weight: 208 g

HIGH-QUALITY GLASS BOTTLE: High-quality, mouth-blown glass bottle (375 ml) with elegant screw cap.
CONVENIENT DESIGN: For cooling, the bottle can be placed in the beverage compartment of a standard refrigerator.
EASY IDENTIFICATION: AQA tags in white (sparkling) and pink (still) to identify sparkling and still water.

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