BWT filter Bestmax XL


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BWT bestmax is an innovative filtration system that uses water from the water supply network, purifies and improves it for the preparation of higher quality drinks, while protecting the device.
The filter insert has five filter stages, or membranes, which reduce the presence of unwanted substances, such as scale, hard particles, heavy metals, the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine, and organic compounds.
The filtration system contains a filter cartridge and a BWT besthead filter head (picture), which can be adjusted according to water hardness and requirements. The filter head has four "bypass" stages.
The non-return valve in the head prevents uncontrolled outflow of water and easy replacement of the filter cartridge. The filter is safe as its housing is pressure resistant.
BWT bestmax is suitable for use in any potable water system in the world.

Technical advantages of BWT bestmax at a glance:
5-​stage filtration
Highly efficient limescale protection
Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-​clear water
Filtration, also of bypass water
Ease of handling when replacing the filter
Horizontal or vertical installation

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